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We are located in the scenic Texas Hill Country. The ranch is in southern San Saba county and is on the northern edge on the Llano uplift region. This is an area known as some of the best deer hunting in the state. Llano county, which is just a few miles south of us boasts as "The deer capital of Texas".

Basic Management

Our ranch is 940 acres and is situated in such a shape that it seems much larger. We are under high fence which allows us the ability to conduct many of the necessary management techniques necessary to produce exceptional whitetail bucks. There are many factors in producing quality bucks, but any game biologist will tell you that the single most important factor in producing better deer is to allow bucks in the herd to reach maturity. By allowing the bucks to reach maturity they are able to attain their full genetic potential. It does not matter how much you feed a deer or try to manipulate genetics, neither of these factors have near the effect on antler development as what allowing a buck to reach maturity will do. The 2002 hunting season was the first year that we began to harvest mature bucks. Prior to this we had harvested only does and cull bucks.Cactus and Yucca

The second most important factor in producing quality whitetail deer is that they must have an adequate food supply. The best way to ensure that adequate food is available is to limit the number of deer in your herd. It does not matter where you are or what your ranch conditions are. There are only so many deer that a ranch can support. We are working closely with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) biologist to maintain a proper stocking rate of both deer and livestock. We also provide the deer with a high protein supplemental feed. The feed is in pellet form and is available to the deer from free choice feeders stationed around the ranch. This is a supplement only. It does not replace proper habitat and land management. The feed companies do an excellent job in formulating their products but they CAN NOT replace what mother nature can provide.

Additional Factors That Set Us Apart

The ranch actually has a fault line that runs through and divides the ranch into two diverse soil types. The front half of the ranch is comprised of sandy loams and other sandstone based soil types with very large live oaks, mesquites and some cedar. Whereas, the back part of the ranch has primarily black dirt and other limestone based soils with very large oaks, persimmons and again some cedar. Along the fault line itself you will find many varied types of rocks.Gate with Snow

As a deer hunter, you may ask "What does all this geology jargon have to do with deer hunting?". Actually, quite a bit. The tremendous amount of geological turmoil that occurred here millions of years ago has provided soils in this area that have a higher mineral content. As evidence, this part of the state has been known as "excellent cattle country" because with proper stocking rates, this country will grow an abundance of grass and will produce calves that outweigh their counterparts at other locations. Also, the diversity of soil types provides a more varied diet for the deer. Different plant species prefer different types of soil.

For these reasons and the fact that we have excellent native genetics here, mother nature has provided the stepping stones to produce very high quality deer. Add proper habitat and deer management to the mix and the quality only gets better. In closing I need to mention a little more about genetics. We HAVE NOT imported and do not plan to import any deer. These are native Texas Hill Country deer that were here before any of us were and we plan to keep it that way.

A Few More Things To Mention

A high fence DOES NOT mean a "Canned" hunt and we DO NOT have penned deer. All of our hunts are fair chase and we will provide you with a memorable hunting experience.

All of the photographs on this web site were taken on this ranch. Furthermore, these photographs are copyrighted and any unauthorized use is not allowed. Prints and usage right to these and other photographs can be purchased. For sizes and pricing please go to Texas Country images