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Welcome to our ranch. We specialize in providing excellent hunting opportunities for native Texas whitetail deer. We have not imported any deer as we have been blessed with some very good native genetics. We offer both trophy and management deer hunts.  If you want an opportunity to harvest an exceptional whitetail buck under fair chase hunting conditions please continue reading about us and what we have to offer. Texas Whitetail Deer

2016 was our most succesfull season to date. We hosted the crew from the television show "Brush Country Monsters". They harvested on film a 191, 184, 162 and others. Watch for these episodes to air on the pursuit channel starting the summer of 2017.

Our ranch is a family operation which has been opened up to outside deer hunting for about fifteen years. Our goal is to produce quality whitetail deer and to provide a truly memorable hunting experience. We only book a limited number of hunts per season and we are very serious about not "over hunting". We do not run hunters through like cattle down a chute. Furthermore, when you book a hunt with us you will be the only one hunting on this ranch while you are here. Our goal really is quality and not just quantity.

We are located in the scenic Texas Hill Country in the heart of some of the best whitetail deer habitat in the country. Please see ABOUT THE RANCH for much more information about this ranch and some of the basic management principles that we believe in.

This ranch has been intensively managed for whitetail deer since 1996 and the results have been very impressive. We have had 180 and 190 class deer taken from this ranch but we are very conservative in our harvest of these high end bucks. We are in this business for the long term and feel that it is very important for these tremendous bucks to remain on the ranch as long as possible to do as much breeding as they can. We want to ensure that these genetics have been passed on to as many offspring as possibleTexas Whitetail Deer

As a result of allowing so many bucks to reach full maturity, our hunters are able to witness many older age class bucks and how they interact and dominate even middle age deer. For many of our hunters watching such social interaction is almost worth the price of the hunt. Being able to harvest one of these trophies is just icing on the cake.